Candidate Benchmark Networks for
the Northwest Boreal LCC

BEACONs Project, University of Alberta

This website hosts interactive maps and tables for candidate benchmark networks designed for the ecoregions of the Northwest Boreal Landscape Conservation Cooperative (NWBLCC; Figure 1). Candidate benchmark networks were identified and ranked based on fundamental benchmark properties, resilience to climate change, and representation of habitat for a suite of priority focal species. More information…

Given the spatial extent of the analysis and the volume of options available, detailed benchmark recommendations are not presented. See main report for guidelines on finer examination of potential solutions.

Website Structure

  • Overview - interactive map of the NWBLCC planning region.

    The overview map includes the following data layers and information: ecoregions, hydrology units, intactness, protected areas, and MDR estimates.

  • Ecoregion Explorer - interactive maps and tables of ecoregion results.

    Results are organized by ecoregion and include maps that display spatial layers for benchmark networks, biophysical indicators, climate change indicators, and focal species habitat. The maps are accompanied by tables with network rankings based on the layers displayed.

  • Downloads - reports, tables, and shapefiles available for download.

Viewing Recommendations

The website is best viewed on a minimum screen size of 20" and a resolution of 1920x1080. To display maps and their legends properly on smaller screens, zoom out in the browser settings (e.g., Chrome).